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The fattest place on Earth

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Cows don’t drink cow’s milk, so why do humans?

I look around and my heart breaks, seeing the alarming increased rate in obesity, disease and cardiovascular problems in young children and adults. Through my time as a colonhydrotherapist and my experimentation in my own body, I believe that dairy products are one of the main contributors to these deadly life draining diseases.   I do miss the delicious taste of cheese, but if it will rob me of precious energy and a fruitful life, I will pass on the cheese and other dairy products thank you.  I personally have learned to make sprouted (soaked and rinsed) sesame, almond, hemp, pumpkin milks and cheeses to name a few of the possibilities that abound with nuts and seeds.  Sesame milk made at home is easy, inexpensive and has the highest easily absorbable amount of calcium that I have found including protein, other minerals, vitamins B&E, and healthy utilizable fat that gets used not stored in the body.  Almond and hemp milks also have similar benefits mainly a great easily digestible protein source.  Pumpkin seeds have protein, Vitamin E,  phosphorus, iron, zinc.  Milks can also be made from sprouted oat, rye and wheat berries.  I personally enjoy the taste of almond, oat and sesame milks the best.  Fresh young coconut milk is also very delicious using the water and the meat.

Here is an excerpt from one of my most valuable books.. no matter what diet you live on, vegan, vegitarian or S.A.D (standard american diet) this is a book everyone would HIGHLY benefit from reading in so many ways…

“Cows don’t drink cow’s milk, so why do humans?  What in the world are humans doing drinking cow’s milk?  If a grown cow was offered milk, it would sniff it and say, “No, thanks, I’ll have the grass.”  Think about it.  Could our creator possibly have set things up in such a way that the only species on earth to drink cow’s milk would be human beings?  Perhaps you are thinking to yourself, “what’s he thinking about, calves drink cow’s milk!”  Exactly!  Cow’s milk was designed and created for one purpose and one purpose only: to feed the young of the species.  No animals drink or want to drink milk once they are weaned.  Of course, I’m not talking about domesticated animals, who have been perverted from their natural inclinations. During the initial phase of life it is the invariable practice of all mammals to take the milk of their mothers; then they are weaned and spend the remainder of their lives sustained by other foods.  Nature dictates that we are to be weaned at an early age.  Humans, on the other hand, teach that after a mother has performed her nursing, the cow should take over.  In other words, there is one mammal on earth that should never, ever be weaned: humans!  Why?  Of course, it is difficult to look at the issue objectively, because of all the contradictory information that abounds, but isn’t your sense of logic and your common sense a bit offended by the idea that humans should never be weaned?

Have you ever seen a zebra nursing off a giraffe?  No?  Have you ever seen a dog nursing off a horse?  No? Well, have you ever seen a human nursing off a cow?  All three examples are equally ridiculous.  But you have seen humans nursing off cows, because if you have ever seen anyone drinking milk or eating any other kind of dairy product, you have seen it.  Just because someone milks the cow and gets it to the consumer in a clean glass doesn’t mean that person is not nursing from a cow.  Of course, it doesn’t seem strange at all to see someone drinking a glass of milk, but what would your reaction be if you were driving down a country lane and you happened to look over into the pastures to see a well-dressed man or woman down on his or her knees, suckling from a cow?  Would you make your way through the droppings and go right up to a cow and take the milk directly from her udder?  No?  But you will let someone else get it and bring it to you in a glass, right?  Of course, I’m being facetious, but it seems funny only because people’s logic, instincts and common sense would stop them from drinking milk if it were not supplied for them.

The facts are clear about one thing: The chemical composition of cow’s milk is different from that of human’s milk.  If your insides could talk after you ingested a dairy product, they would ask, “What’s this person doing  hanging around cows?”

The enzymes necessary to break down and digest milk are renin and lactase.  They are all but gone by the age of three in most humans.  There is an element in all milk known as casein.  There is three hundred times more casein in cow’s milk than in human’s milk.  That’s for the development of huge bones.   Casein coagulates in the stomach and forms large, tough, dense, difficult-to-digest curds that are adapted to the four-stomach digestive apparatus of a cow.  Once inside the human system, this mass of goo puts a tremendous burden on the body to somehow get rid of it.  In other words, a huge amount of energy must be spent in dealing with it.  Unfortunately some of this gooey substance hardens and adheres to the lining of the intestines and prevents the absorption of the nutrients into the body.  Result: lethargy. Also the by-products of milk digestion leave a great deal of toxic mucus in the body.  It’s very acidic, and some of it is stored in the body until it can be dealt with at a later time.  The next time you are going to dust your home, smear some paste all over everything and see how easy it is to dust.  Dairy products do the same to the inside of your body.  That translates into more weight instead of weight loss.  Casein, by the way, is the base of one of the strongest glues used in woodworking.”

Resource: Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

These are just some of the detrimental effects cows milk and by-products have on the body.  There is the whole other subject of pasteurizing killing the live enzymes giving your body virtually no chance of digesting the milk, as well as hormones, antibiotics, and genetically modified corn to feed the cows, all of these ending up in the milk as well.  Hormones bulking and morphing our bodies as they do the cows, antibiotics weakening our immune systems and creating more powerful bacteria that are not phased by antibiotics, and GMO frakenfood need I say more?

I have tried soy milk from the stores and found it to be very acidic, congesting and mucus forming, and I also learned after I had tried it that soy is one of the most GMO foods sold in stores today.  Any milks bought in stores that are pasteurized have killed all living enzymes that I have found within my own body to be crucial for proper digestion.  It really is very simple to make my own seed and nut milks at home mixed with raw agave or stevia I really have grown quite fond of these live, digestible, nutritious milks.  Even though I always prefer homemade over pasteurized and processed, if I was unable to make my own seed or nut milk at home I would go for the store bought Oat, Almond, Rice, or Coconut Milks.  Even the Rice or Coconut Milk ice creams they have out now are delicious as well.  I find the store bought coconut milk and ice cream to digest best on an empty stomach and wait a few hours before eating anything else, Rice Dream I have no problems with.  I will always choose these over cow’s milk from now on!

This post is based on my opinion from my own extensive research through books and online resources, as well as the effects on my body through my own experimentation.

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